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CDP operates as a catalyst for environmental transparency and action and is one of the worlds most recognized ranking systems when it comes to ESG transparency and commitment. It serves as a platform for organizations to voluntarily disclose their environmental impact, strategies, and initiatives. By participating in CDP, businesses contribute to a collective effort to address climate change.

The purpose of CDP is to demonstrate your commitment to environmental stewardship by transparently reporting on your company's carbon emissions, water usage, and deforestation risks though building trust and credibility with investors, customers, and other stakeholders by providing them with comprehensive and standardized information about your environmental performance.
Under CDP you can join a global network of companies working towards a low-carbon and sustainable economy.

By disclosing through CDP, you enhance your visibility and access to sustainable investment opportunities. By identifying and addressing environmental risks that could impact your business operations, you can ensure long-term resilience in the face of changing environmental regulations and market demands. Further, it can help you stand out in your industry by showcasing your commitment to sustainability. CDP participation demonstrates your proactive approach to environmental responsibility, giving you a competitive edge.

At YouSustain we can guide you through the complicated jungle of CDP submissions by doing score checks on your response, supporting and guiding your response in accordance to the CDP requirements and guidance's, or write your whole response for submission.

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