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Carbon Accounting | Scope 3

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Prerequisites: Carbon Accounting Scope 1 & 2. Duration: 2-3 hours Welcome to our Carbon Accounting Scope 3 Course, where we'll guide you through the complex task of value chain emissions reporting. Across five modules, you will gain a deep understanding of the core concepts of Scope 3 reporting. We'll start by exploring the basics and purpose of value chain and Scope 3 reporting, from there we move on to understanding the product life cycle, before delving into and really understanding the 15 categories, and finally, we'll during the entirety of the course equip you with the practical skills needed to put this knowledge into action. It's important to note that this course primarily focuses on value chain reporting and the 15 Scope 3 categories. It is expected that you have some background knowledge of the GHG protocol, Scope 1 & 2 reporting, as well as an understanding of emission data collection. If you have not had any experience with this previously, we recommend starting with our "How to do Carbon Accounting" course.

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