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Who we are

YouSustain is a sustainability consultancy based in Oslo, Norway, focusing on in-house capability building through online courses, interactive workshops and training programs, and recruitment assistance. The company was founded in 2023, by Mia Holmsen and Fanny Charlot Hansen.

Why reporting?

If done intentionally and structured, sustainability reporting can become more than an annual whirlwind of data points and disclosures.

YouSustain's goal is to help companies stop reporting for reporting sake and help them integrate reporting frameworks as strategic tools for long-term sustainability success. This starts with internal capability building. 

Mia Holmsen


Mia Holmsen is a certified sustainability professional and has worked in the sustainability space since 2018, across three continents. In her previous job as a consultant, she worked with many of Scandinavia's largest companies, from a variety of sectors, with sustainability management, reporting, and communication. She was a certified trainer with the GRI from 2021-2023 and has so far coached 100+ people in the GRI reporting framework. 

Though she has worked extensively with the majority of the most recognized frameworks and standards, her field of expertise is materiality analysis and value chain due diligence.

Fanny Hansen

Fanny Hansen is an accomplished ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) expert, who has dedicated her career to the space of sustainability since 2019, where her specialization lies in the assessment of value chain risks.
With a foundation in the sciences, she has worked with some of the most prominent publicly listed enterprises both within and beyond the Nordics. Her focus has been on strategic climate assessments and establishing science-based targets through qualitative and quantitative research.


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